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“Grad has been part of a group of entrepreneurs who made it their mission to help team members and colleagues in Ukraine after the war started.”

"Crypto Continues to Aid Ukrainians as Russian Invasion Escalates"

"Out of 500+ companies that raised Seed & Series A rounds over the past year, Will Reed named Massive a top employer of choice based on mission, culture, growth trajectory and founding leadership."

Top 100 Early Stage Company To Work For In 2022

“Startups are often questions … Massive is a good example: What if users could pay for apps or services, not with money or attention, but with their spare compute power?

Rent your spare compute power to pay for apps

“Imagine paying for digital services, generating loyalty points, donating to charity, or even making some extra money by leveraging the unused computing resources on your laptop.”

Building the behind-the-scenes tech revolutionizing Wall Street

“I thought it was going to be one of those weeks when not much happened, but instead … we have three of the coolest funding rounds we’ve talked about all year.”

Equity podcast, episode 451

“And then, earlier this week, we announced a lead investment in a company called Massive. This one is really interesting.”

The Scoop
The Scoop podcast, episode 80

“Part of the company’s motivation seems to be dismantling the … reliance on nosy marketing practices, thus reducing the amount of personal information users unwittingly give away.”

Massive wants to rent your compute power

“If your readers decide they do not want to be tracked by the platform, they can still pay you for the opportunity to read your piece.”

Here’s why you’re going to love web3

“Requiring internet users to pay … or deal with ads has been the approach traditionally used to generate revenue [but] can … be too disruptive or result in users not consuming services.”

Massive raises $11M to change how internet users pay

“Las recompensas que plantea Massive no son en forma de dinero como tal sino que están más orientadas a ofrecer, por ejemplo, objetos para juegos y dinero virtual que gastar en ellos.”

Massive quiere ser el Airbnb de los ordenadores (Spanish)

“Může tak jít v podstatě o to samé jako v projektech využívajících distribuované výpočty (zmíněné SETI) ovšem s tím rozdílem že za svůj výkon … a energii získáme něco na oplátku.”

Massive si chce pronajímat výkon našich PC (Czech)

“Jason Grad, co-founder and CEO of Massive, … raised more than $85,000 for food, water, and medical supplies by soliciting donations through an Instagram post.”

Crypto savants bred in Ukraine build a lifeline back home

“A couple dozen tech entrepreneurs from and who live in Ukraine … set up offices in bordering countries, started running evacuations, and started sending humanitarian aid.”

Massive CEO on fundraising efforts for Ukraine

“Consumers may not even realize that the platform they are using is powered by a crypto product or blockchain, but the benefits of this new generation of technology will be obvious.”

Our initial thesis: Building bridges to crypto for the masses

“Decentralization in blockchains is paramount and Massive has since emerged as a hyper-growth startup offering Decentralization as a Service (DaaS).”

"Massive Looks to ‘Decentralization as a Service’ as Answer to the Processing Shortage"

“The Webby Awards is the Internet’s most respected symbol of success. The 25th [annual awards] received nearly 13,500 entries from nearly all 50 states and 70 countries worldwide.”

Webby honoree
Webby honorees, Experimental & Innovation