Ethical way to monetize apps on Windows, Android, and Fire Stick

Earn thousands of dollars more per year without impacting user experience or collecting any personal info

Our partners and inverstors include:

Users get to use your apps and access the content you create for a little bit of bandwidth

100% Opt in

Collects no PII

No noticeable impact on UX

How does Massive profit?

Massive retains a share of the revenue generated from distributed-computing tasks.

Security Testing

Public Web Data Extraction (Not PII)

Network Health Monitoring

Spend more time coding awesome new apps than figuring out how to make money on them

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1,000 DAU
Up to $ 4,800 per year
1,500 DAU
Up to $ 18,000 per year
7,500 DAU
Up to $ 27,000 per year
15,000 DAU
Up to $ 90,000 per year
75,000 DAU
Up to $ 120,000 per year
150,000 DAU
Up to $ 360,000 per year
1M Club
1,000,000 DAU
Up to $ 720,000 per year


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The Massive SDK

Integrate with ease, protect with confidence. Our SDK makes it possible

Available for:

Doesn’t collect or access any personal info
Samples only anonymous telemetry data
Is developed by a team of privacy experts
Complies with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and ITA-2000
Integrating requires just a few lines of code

Massive is whitelisted by major antivirus engines such as: