🎉 Massive is named one of the Top 100 Early Stage Companies to Work for in 2022
🎉 Massive is named one of the Top 100 Early Stage Companies to Work for in 2022

Decentralization as a service

Host your infrastructure on the Massive network to instantly distribute and decentralize your blockchain or Web3 project

Massive is distributed across 100,000+ nodes in 92% of the countries in the world.

100% of Massive nodes are general-purpose computers and devices opted in by users.

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How does it work?

Massive creates partnerships with applications with a substantial user base, granting these users with advanced features accessible by contributing their unused computing resources to our scalable and rapidly growing network of decentralized computation.

While the application is running imperceptibly in the background, the user’s computer will solve complex mathematical problems in the form of cryptographic hash functions in order to add security and validity to Proof-of-Work and other similar “Proof-of” networks.

World Map full of nodes

We have the most daily active nodes of any general blockchain network

+100 K
+490 K
Logic Cores
+300 K
Physical Cores
+90 K
GPU Cores

Tell us about your protocol or dapp

If your project is still under development, our engineers can help make sure your design is optimized for decentralization
Decentralize Now

What are the use cases for Massive?

We can spin up fleets of 10,000 or more devices to fit many use cases. One such example is that we can provide excess computation power to be used for tasks such as data encryption, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining and more, all while resulting in a lower cost than current solutions available.

Due to the unique utility of our network-specific data, Massive can provide a custom use case for your project.

To learn more about how to you can deploy on Massive, please Contact Us with relevant information regarding your project and the footprint of what you would like to deploy.

Upon submission, you will receive a report on Massive’s operational and statistical information with further details.

Our partners and investors include: