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Frequently Asked Question

What is Massive?


Massive is a web and desktop SDK to you to make money from users without ads, paywalls, or subscriptions. Instead, you can charge users an unnoticeable amount of their computing power and bandwidth.

What’s the benefit?


You can get paid for your valuable premium content without having to rely on intrusive ads.

How does it work?


Once you integrate our SDK, you can allow users to ‘pay’ for premium content by running a small program on their computer.


Simply select the content (or parts of your website) and users will be prompted to download a small desktop app in order to access it.


The app runs quietly in the background and users only need to download it once.

How do I get paid?


You get paid $0.013 per user per day (roughly $0.40 per month) once per month via PayPal.

How does Massive make money?


We stitch together those small bits of computing power and use it for various computing tasks, like mining cryptocurrency, scientific research, and training AIs. We are kind of like Airbnb for computing.